Hold your dream wedding at Ølsted Kro

Ølsted Kro has become a venue for weddings held in the inn's atmospheric rooms that invite all types of weddings regardless of content and style. We make sure that your event lives up to your expectations, whether you want to have a small wedding or a big wedding party. We are also happy to arrange your wedding reception.

Planning down to the smallest detail

A wedding is a very special party and requires careful planning down to the smallest detail and together we plan your big day. Our extensive experience with weddings means that you can be confident that the inn organizes and performs the best for your wedding party. Ølsted Kro with our skilled kitchen &s& waiters will make your wedding an unforgettable wedding party in a romantic setting.

See possible examples under the menu item All evening arrangements.
Ølsted Kro-Confirmation, wedding party
Tableware for wedding party at Ølsted Kro

Stay in the bridal suite after your party

Honeymoon Suite at Ølsted Kro

Stay in our romantic bridal suite after your amazing wedding party.

You can also leave some of your guests, spend the night at the inn and get up for brunch in the company of the wedding guests.

Beer place church as neighbor

After the ceremony

After a solemn wedding ceremony in Ølsted Church, you can go directly to a fantastic wedding party or wedding reception at Ølsted Kro, which is located right next to Ølsted Church.

It is practical and Ølsted Church's solemn atmosphere is included in the inn in our lovely atmospheric rooms, where your wedding party can be held according to your wishes.

Ølsted Kro has Ølsted church as a neighbor