Keep confirmation at the inn

The inn is the obvious venue for the confirmation party

Whether it is food, shelter, etc., we always make sure to knit the arrangement together so that it is adapted to the confirmator and the family's wishes.

As we get a lot of requests for confirmations, we have to ask for a deposit, this is of course refunded if we get the opportunity to sell the room to another side.

Price examples can be seen under All evening events Or company buffets.


Ølsted Church is next door to the inn

After a solemn confirmation in Ølsted Church, the confirmation man with guests can go directly to a festive event at Ølsted Kro, which is right next door. It is practical and Ølsted Church's solemn atmosphere follows you into the inn in our lovely atmospheric rooms, where confirmation can be held in a lovely atmosphere.

The city's conser

We very much appreciate that the city's consorts often want to keep their confirmation at the inn.

So give your confirmation a memory for life and hold a mesrage and wonderful confirmation at Ølsted Kro.

Ølsted Kro has Ølsted church as a neighbor

Plan the day as you wish

Ølsted Kro Confirmation

The confirmation is a great day for the confirmator and it is important to involve the confirmator and not least the family. Therefore, Ølsted Kro, takes pride in planning the confirmation together with the confirmator and the family, so that the big day will be as desired.

Together find out wishes, menu and details, etc.

Accommodation at Ølsted Kro

Should any of your guests come from afar, book accommodation at the inn in our lovely rooms.

And experience the good inn atmosphere.


We help you put together a delicious menu

The confirmator often has wishes for the menu and we are happy to help with planning a delicious menu, which everyone thinks is fantastic. In addition, drinks such as welcome drinks, soft drinks, wine, brandy and liqueurs, etc. are agreed.

Our kitchen and staff make sure that your event will be a wonderful experience, where we will take care of everything so that you and the confirmator can enjoy the day.

Tell us about your wishes

Which table setting is desired and in what color, etc. You come with table cards and location yourself , and we cover a nice table according to your instructions.

What flowers should be decorated with and all your other wishes fulfilled if possible. Therefore, we invite you to a planning meeting to get all the details in place.