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We make sure to create the setting for a memorial day after the funeral or funeral.

Ølsted Kro is next door to Ølsted Church, the natural gathering place for wake and memorial tour and therefore many choose to hold it at Ølsted Kro.

Two different menus can be put together for funerals and funerals.

Ølsted Kro Address

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    Tel. 47749181

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Ølsted Kro has Ølsted church as a neighbor
Ølsted Kro

Menus for funerals and funerals

 Package 1 Kr. 125,- per. person
Coffee / Tea  
Home baked bun with butter
Homemade Kringle  
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Package 2 kr. 185 ,- per month. person
Man liver pâté with bacon and mushrooms
Beef breast with horseradish salad
Ham with Italian salad
Roll sausage with sky and onions
Brie cheese with grapes
Bread and butter
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Ølsted Kro is located next to Ølsted Church and the town has therefore for generations held their memorial service and wake at the inn. The inn exudes a lovely calm atmosphere and a dignified atmosphere for the occasion.

The inn's staff takes care of all the practicalities, so you can have a quiet memorial service where you can choose from 2 different events, whether you want a less informal arrangement with funeral coffee or a slightly larger event.

Memorial gathering

It means a great deal to us that you have the memorial gathering that you want after the funeral or funeral service, and that we can help you make the day a commemorative day when you can remember with others who cared for the deceased.

Memorial memory

A memorial service is a good way for the bereaved to greet those who have turned up for the funeral or funeral service. In a memoryless informal and relaxed and context. Here you can share funny and cozy anecdotes about the deceased and find that you are not alone in the grief of having lost.