November 10th

Morten The Juice

Sourdough bread with kroens gravlax salmon
with dill and fox sauce.

Duck roast with home-pickled red cabbage & brown potatoes.
In addition, white potatoes, prunes, apples & lingonberries.

For dessert old daw's apple cake.

kr. 395,- for 3 courses


Ordering and information

Remember to book a table on this page or call +45 4774 9181

Hyggepianist plays from 18:00

Why do we eat duck or goose on November 10th?

We're having mortensaften because Martin Luther was born on November 10th and baptized on November 11th. He got his name after today's saint: Saint Martin of Tours, whom we in Denmark know as Morten Bisp.

Morten Bisp died on 11 November, which is why the day is called Mortensdag and the night before is Morten's Night.

Morten Bisp had a good reputation when he helped the poor and sick. The people of Tours would therefore choose him as bishop, but Morten Bisp was not interested in this head of information, and when the inhabitants of the city came to appoint him, he hid in a goose path.

It just did by the geese began to scare and revealed Morten Bishop, who was then revealed and had to assume the office of bishop of the city.

In revenge for the frightening geese that led to his appointment, Morten Bisp ordered that all households should slaughter at least one goose once a year and eat it on the day he was revealed.

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Christmas party

Marinated herring
Fried herring in vinegar
Curry salad
Eggs & prawns
Marinated salmon with fox sauce
Chicken Salad
Fish fillet with remoulade
Roast pork with red cabbage
Duck roast with prunes and apples
Apple pork
Blood sausage with applesauce & cinnamon sugar
Medister sausage - Meatballs
Pickle with accessories
Cheese table &ris à la mane with warm cherry sauce

Ordering and information

Remember to book a table here on the site or on phone: +45 4774 9181

Our house pianist plays from 12:00 to 1&2 on Christmas Day.
We are happy to do Christmas lunch other days by appointment.

Kr. 395,- per month. envelope