History of the inn

For more than 100 years, there have been offers of inn Ølsted Kro & Hotel here at the address in Ølsted.

The place was established as an inn for rural vendors primarily from the capital with expansion created by the local railway's establishment. The place offered food and entertainment and fresh air.

Not only the four-length thatched farm, but also the surrounding farms offered accommodation.

Guests were picked up by horse-drawn carriage by the track and later offered a drive to the local beach, where a smaller trout had also been established.

In 1931, the farm burned to the ground, which was a landmark event for the inn. The owners at the time divested the surrounding land and were thus given the opportunity to reopen in just 11 months.

During the war, the Germans used the inn, but after the war the rear building was added, and came to house activities such as traveling cinema, dancing, ballad evenings and much more. All this of great importance to the local community.

Changing owners have rebuilt and built additions to appear as the harmonious whole you see today. The inn has been awarded good construction practice in 2018.

The current host couple Lili and Kurt Schönemann-Paul have run the inn since reopening on September 1, 2010. Over the years, considerable funds have been invested, but without disturbing the overall impression and with respect for the age of the buildings.

The place is definitely worth a visit and offers a high experience.

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Company's local Ølsted Kro.
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