Keep company at Ølsted Kro

With our beautiful location in the North Zealand part of the country and in the middle of Ølsted with the church as a neighbor, it is an obvious opportunity to have a beautiful romantic wedding, a round birthday or another of life's big parties here at Ølsted Kro.

You can either choose a finished event or put together your own. Of course, we are happy to help with all the details and if you have any wishes that should not be mentioned, then we can safely fulfill these.

We can host events up to 90 people in the same room. With our 4 beautiful rooms we will probably find one that suits your wishes, depending on your request for table setup and needs.

The prices stated are for adults, while children under the age of 10 are half price.

You are welcome to call us and arrange a meeting where we review your wishes, even if the event is to take place at home, in the garden, the forest or something completely different.


All evening arrangements


Buffet for events

For parties who want to celebrate the event over a really delicious buffet, where there is the opportunity to expand and combine the buffet according to their own wishes.

For a party buffet, cover up with white damask tablecloths and cloth napkins, preferably with colored inlays and vibrant flowers in separate room.

EVENT BUFFET   DKK 395,- per person
Herring with dill and zittauer onions  
Freshly fried fish fillet
with homemade remoulade and lemon  
Marinated herring with capers and red onions  
Eggs & prawns with mayonnaise, dill and black roe  
Smoked salmon
with planed horseradish  
Freshly roasted pork roast
with homemade red cabbage  
Snug liver pate
mushroom, bacon and homemade beetroot  
Freshly fried meatballs with homemade red cabbage  
with chickens in asparagus  
Brie and blue cheese
with fresh fruit and salt biscuits  
  It is possible to buy welcome drinks and coffee. This is agreed upon order.
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Marinated salmon with fox sauce with fox sauce $40,-
Whole steamed salmon side with shrimp, dill and lemon $50,-
Homemade chicken salad with mushrooms and bacon $40,-
Small beef mince pies with soft onions and asies $30,-
Glazed ham with stewed spinach or kale $35,-
Preferably veal fillet with appropriate garnish $45,-
Pork tenderloin steaks with soft onions and asies $35,-
Pork tenderloin steaks a la crème $35,-
Cream potatoes $25,-
Small potatoes turned into browned butter with chopped lovage or parsley $25,-
Green salad $25,-
Root vegetable salad $25,-
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